Agents of Change is a non-profit organization with a mission of creating platforms conducive for raising a generation of youths who are adequately informed and empowered to birth THE CHANGE required for the emancipation of THE NEW NIGERIA. We help youths succeed and reach their fullest potential by empowering and equipping them with the essential life skills needed to make wiser decisions and avoid life’s pitfalls.

Agents of Change International is passionate about seeing to the vision and dream of a country in which every one is actively involved in the transformation and development process, and in which individual gifts, talents, abilities and capacities are discovered, recognized, appreciated and translated into productive activities to aid the birthing of a New Nigeria for the common good of all.

Our mission is to provide training and development programs that will enhance the unlocking and discovery of creative expressions in individuals, and thereby creating the platform for the expression and implementation of their unique abilities. We provide opportunities for young people to discover and develop their latent potentials, gifts, talents and abilities. We also help to help raise disciplined, responsible and ethical youths for participation in building a positive and sustainable society. We are deeply committed to providing young people with opportunities to develop and imbibe a sound knowledge, understanding and appreciation of rich values and heritage, both culturally and career-wise, and translate this understanding to global context.

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